"The best app to check internet speed."

Many times even with high speed internet connection your internet speed may be a bit slow due to some problem. You then need to know if the specified speed you are getting is available or how much speed that telecom is giving you in case of mobile data. With the Android app in your hand, you can easily check the speed of the Internet.

With this app you can identify the speed of download speed, ping and upload speed on your mobile. In this case, when you get low internet speed, you can share this information taken from the app with your internet service provider. In this case you will be able to present a realistic picture of your internet speed to him and he will be able to easily solve your ISP problem and give me a quick solution.

You can also test your video streaming experience with this internet connection through this app. Speedtest by Ookla is a great app to test the experience of video streaming. This app plays a few video clips to test the quality of the video on your network. In this case, you can see what the quality of the video is according to your network quality and what percentage of the video is being buffered. After checking the quality of the video on your network, the latest result will be displayed in front of you, in this case you will also see the buffering from the video resolution and video play.

However, in order for the Speedtest by Ookla app to work properly, you must first install the app and allow some permissions.

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