Google executives blamed Apple in the iMessage debate

Google executives blamed Apple in the iMessage debate

Apple's 'iMessage' service has become a symbol of social status among teenagers; And Android users are being socially deprived. Google executive Hiroshi Lockheimer said in the wake of the allegations in a report in the US daily Wall Street Journal that Apple was increasing product sales by using "pressure from acquaintances" and "reprehensible" behavior.


Despite criticizing Apple in harsh language on Saturday, Lockheimer has become a little more flexible on Monday, according to technology site Verge. "We're not asking Apple to launch iMessage on Android," Apple said in a statement. We are asking Apple to support the art of modern messaging (RCS) in iMessage just as they are supporting the old art of SMS / MMS. "


"By not including RCS, Apple has left the entire industry behind and is lagging behind not only for Android users, but also for its own customer experience," Lockheimer said in a tweet.


The tech site Verge commented that the allegations made by Lockheimer were not trivial at all. At the heart of the controversy is an old question: will Apple ever use Google's technology to make iMessage usable on Android, or will it stay out of the industry to sell more iPhones?


Verge says a lot of confidential information has been leaked from the emails of Apple officials presented as documents in the case of Epic Games vs. Apple. And those emails have made it clear that Apple's top executives are not interested in launching the iMessage service on the Android platform. Instead, the company is considering the negative impact of launching the Android iMessage service on its own products and services; The iPhone maker fears that if the iMessage service is launched on the Android platform, shoppers will leave Apple and lean towards Android products.


In March 2016, Phil Schiller, a former Apple executive, said in an email to Ian Rogers, co-founder of Beats Music, that "we think removing iMessage from Android will do us more harm than good."


However, Verge said the answer to the question of whether Apple has a logical reason to adopt RCS technology is not yet clear. Google is promoting RCS as the next industry standard for SMS. Google has brought almost all the popular features of iMessage to RCS technology.


Apple has recently been recognized as the first trillion dollar company in the history of the world. The Wall Street Journal report also added to the pressure. All in all, Apple could launch iMessage service on Android or even integrate RCS into iMessage - comments Verge.

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