Electronic tattoos are coming as an alternative to smartphones

Bill Gates has announced that smartphone alternatives are coming. He has predicted a new kind of technology, which will be able to remove smartphones from the market. The name of the new technology is 'electronic tattoo'.

According to Bill Gates, the new technology electronic tattoo of Keotic Moon Company is a biotechnology based strategy. Through which information of human body can be collected and analyzed.

Basically this tattoo will primarily collect and store data on medical and sports information. He thinks that with this information it will be possible to prevent and control the disease. It will also be possible to improve physical performance through this tattoo.

However, there is still a lot of research going on about this electronic tattoo. But the manufacturer said it would be applied to the skin temporarily and will work with small sensors and trackers. Which will send and receive information through a special ink.

Bill Gates doesn't think the initial implementation of electronic tattoos is enough. In the future, he wants to establish this device as an alternative to today's smartphones.

He said he has already seen in several Hollywood movies the use of electronic tattoos to make calls, send messages or see addresses.

But it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Gates and his team are looking for an easy way to make this new device available to everyone.

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