Cyber ​​war will be more terrible than nuclear war!

Cyber ​​war will be more terrible than nuclear war!

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has once again proved that cyber warfare is going to be more dangerous than nuclear war in the coming days. In the modern world, the threat of cyber warfare is greater than nuclear war. Because the modern world has the opportunity to take various measures to prevent nuclear war.

But cyber warfare, which for so long has been thought, can be possible to stop with artificial intelligence, is not entirely correct. There are many limitations to artificial intelligence in preventing cyber warfare. And this limitation can be resolved very quickly, that is not to say.

This is according to a recent study by scientists at the University of New South Wales. Their research paper was presented at an international online conference on cyber security last Thursday.

Researchers say hackers are now targeting enemy countries' cyberspace, in addition to using troops, tanks, missiles, aircraft and navies. Russia has done the same in Ukraine. They have destroyed the internet system of that country.

According to the researchers, the main purpose of hackers now is to enter the enemy country and cripple all its electricity connections, online banking and internet communication system.

Professor Sanjay Jha, dean of the Institute for Cyber ​​Security at the University of New South Wales, says there is a lot of important information in the digital world that hacking computer servers could cripple the entire power connection system. As a result, the economy of a country can be completely crippled.

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