The way e-SIM works

The way e-SIM works

Grameenphone is going to launch e-SIM service for the first time in Bangladesh. 4G network can be enjoyed in this eco-friendly e-SIM. Recently Grameenphone announced the launch of e-SIM on their fan page.

E-SIM is a virtual SIM installed on the phone. It works just like a physical SIM card. If you have an e-SIM then there is no need to insert any SIM card in the phone.

E-SIM cannot be used in all mobile phone handsets. This feature will only be available on e-SIM supported handsets. However, to enjoy the service, you have to go to Grameenphone Center and start e-SIM service.

Yasir Ajman, Chief Executive Officer of Grameenphone, said, "We are pleased to bring advanced and environmentally friendly technology like e-SIM to Bangladesh.'

According to Grameenphone, in order to get 4G e-SIM connection, customers can go to Grameenphone's Experience Center (Dhaka and Chittagong) and designated Grameenphone Center with devices that support 4G e-SIM and enjoy the service after completing the biometric registration process.

The biggest advantage of e-SIM is that you do not have to change the SIM card when changing operators. There is no risk of SIM loss if the phone gets wet or falls off.

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