Apps that reduce the speed of the smartphone

Apps that reduce the speed of the smartphone

Anila Tabassum bought an expensive smartphone from a well-known brand as a hobby. In addition to using various social media apps, he also uses his mobile phone to edit YouTube and pictures. But a few days after the purchase, the speed of his mobile phone decreases. Not only that, the app takes more time to launch and occasionally the mobile phone stops working. Many of us have this problem like Anila Tabassum. But why this problem? Because, even if we don't use some of the apps that we have installed on the mobile phone for hobby or work, it will continue to run automatically. As a result, the speed of our mobile phone decreases. Below are the apps that are running automatically on the mobile phone.

Apps installed on mobile phones
Manufacturers install a number of apps on newly purchased mobile phones. Pre-installed apps are called bloatware. Even if we don't use the apps, running on the mobile phone starts to cost extra memory. Deleting apps that are not connected to the mobile phone system will reduce the stress on the memory. As a result, the speed of the mobile phone will increase.

Popular messaging app Snapchat is one of the top apps for slowing down mobile phones. Even if you don't use it, the app is always running and collecting your location information. As a result, in addition to using more memory, the app also reduces the battery capacity of the mobile phone. For this, it is better not to use Snapchat's live location facility. To turn off Live Location, go to Snapchat's Settings option and select Ghost Mode in See My Location from the Who Can tab.

Almost all of us use Facebook on our mobile phones. But the social media app slows down our mobile phones. Even if it is not running, the app continues to collect all your information all the time. The app quickly reduces the battery charge as well as the memory usage as it is running on the mobile phone.

Messenger and Instagram
Like Facebook, Messenger and Instagram are always on. This means that even if you do not log in, they are secretly turned on the mobile phone and collect your information regularly.

Maps app
Many of us use Apple Maps and Google Maps to get information about street address or traffic jams. Apps always have to identify our location. Because, the main function of apps is to know your location and give the address of the desired destination. As a result, the memory and battery of the mobile phone is more expensive.

YouTube and Netflix
Many people use YouTube and Netflix on their mobile phones. Video streaming apps consume the most mobile phone battery. Not only that, even if it is not turned on, users are secretly collecting various information all the time. This is because the apps basically suggest watching videos by reviewing the location and interests of the users. In addition, high speed internet is required when watching videos online, so more memory is used, which reduces the speed of the mobile phone.

Clean Master
Many people use various apps including Clean Master to delete unnecessary files on their mobile phones. Even when it comes to deleting information, the Clean Master app secretly collects and smuggles information from your mobile phone. Not only this, with the help of malware you can reduce the speed of your mobile phone. And so it is better not to use the app to delete unnecessary files.

The way it will be solved
Uninstall unnecessary apps on your mobile phone. If you don't want to uninstall or you don't want to, you must turn off the apps in the background of the mobile phone. For this, first you have to go to Mobile data usage option by clicking on Connections from the settings of the mobile phone. Now select the app and turn off the toggle next to Allow background data usage below.
Regular deletion of cache files can also increase the speed of the mobile phone. To do this, select the Apps & notifications option from the settings of the mobile phone and click on all apps. Now select the unnecessary or suspicious app and click on Clear cache from Storage & cache option.

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