Things to know before buying hosting

The loading time of your website largely depends on the host, that is, how fast your website will open on the user's device depends largely on your hosting. So there are some things you must consider when buying hosting.

Hopefully the discussion below will be able to give you a better idea about hosting, allowing you to decide what kind of hosting is needed and how much. Let us know the details about hosting.

How many types of hosting?

Free Hosting
Shared Hosting
Managed Hosting or WordPress Hosting
VPS Hosting (Vertual Private Server)
Cloud hosting

What is Free Hosting?

There are some hosting companies that will allow you to use limited hosting for free. You can use these especially for blog sites. These hostings have a number of limitations that prevent them from being used for ecommerce websites or professional websites.

The first reason is that these hostings have very low bandwidth / monthly traffic allocation which can lead to site down or loss of your resources at any time and the second reason is security. Free hosting does not provide any security for your resources.

What is Shared Hosting?

One of the most widely used, popular and affordable hosting. Here a computer's CPU, RAM, disk space, bandwidth are some of the websites that are shared, which is why it is called shared hosting.

The cost of this shared hosting will be comparatively less. And when you use a computer alone for a website, you have to pay for all the drives. You can use shared hosting if your website resources are very low. And where there is a security issue or the amount of resources is high, you must think about VPS or dedicated server.

The biggest advantage of shared hosting is that you can host your resource / website at a much lower cost and if it is not too big then it will be quite good. So if you are a starter then this hosting is suitable for you.

What is Managed Hosting or WordPress Hosting?

WordPress Hosting Optimized for WordPress Websites Only. If you want to get hosting here for the website created in your WordPress Content Management System (CMS), you need to pre-determine the service and website visitors.

There are some differences between shared hosting and WordPress hosting. Your website may slow down if the number of visitors from any other shareholder in your shared hosting suddenly increases. But you will never find WordPress hosting or managed hosting server slow.

However, in managed hosting, you need to use the same amount of resources that you have taken for use. The advantage of this hosting is that you do not have to maintain it yourself. The hosting company will give you all the updates, regular backups. There is also a permanent customer support system.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting is perfect for you if your website is very large and requires a lot of security. There will be a separate computer allocation for your website only.

Here you will find all kinds of hardware and software you need to use. You will get round-the-clock customer service, regular backups and many more features that are needed for a professional website.

Since there will be a separate computer for your resources, the cost will be much higher. However, if you focus on speed and security, you must consider dedicated hosting.

What is VPS or VPS (Vertual Private Server) hosting?

VPS (virtual private server) server is a hosting service between shared and dedicated server. Virtually a dedicated server is split into multiple parts through software. One of which is called a node. Each of these nodes or slices acts as a separate server.

These nodes are managed by separate operating systems similar to dedicated servers. The client is controlled here just like the dedicated server so you can use the software as you like.

For VPS servers, only one physical hardwalk is used for virtual sharing, so it is more expensive than shared hosting. And if performance is comparable, VPS is good for low or medium quality resources, but for more resources you must budget for dedicated server.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting differs from conventional shared, dedicated or VPS servers. This is because in the case of cloud hosting, a cluster server is made up of different computers, which are scattered in different places, without relying on a server PC.

If the data / resources of the website are stored on different physical servers or cluster computers, then if one of the servers becomes inoperable or goes down, the data or resources of the website may be loaded from another server in the cluster to the user device.

The biggest advantage of cloud hosting is that it is very fast, because the nearest server is located and the resources are loaded on the user's device. And under no circumstances is the server likely to go down. So the big technology companies are relying on cloud hosting.

Where to contact to get hosting
There are currently several companies offering affordable hosting services for you. The notable and popular ones are:

In addition to the companies mentioned above, some of our local hosting companies have also developed from where you can get low cost hosting. Every hosting company has some special features. It also depends on your needs, which hosting company is best for you.

Things to consider when hosting:

You need to choose the hosting based on your needs. The issues that need to be taken seriously while choosing a hosting are briefly discussed below.

Set a budget for web hosting

First, set a budget for how much you will spend on hosting each year. There are many hosting providers in the market who provide hosting at different prices through different packages. But if you want to get good hosting at a low price, you must find a little better. But if you want to get good hosting, your budget must be realistic.

Decide how much space is needed for web hosting

Calculate how much space you will need for your website or your apps. If you want to take a monthly payment, calculate it that way, and if you want to renew every year, calculate for one year. In most cases, 100 to 200 MB will go away for the first 1 year, but buy hosting there for 2 GB for 1 year. If it is 512 KB or 1 GB, the work will go away. He has been spending extra money there year after year. So it is advisable to buy extra space without spending extra money and start with a small plan which will increase if necessary.

Decide what amount of bandwidth the host will need

Bandwidth is the rate at which a specified amount of data is transferred per second or unit of time. This measurement is referred to as BPS or bit per second. Bandwidth is a unit of measurement of how many bits of data are being transferred per second.

The same is true of bandwidth for web hosting. A unit of how much data can be transferred from the hosting server to the user's computer every second or every single time.

If the number of visitors to your website is much higher every day, then in general you will need more amount of bandwidth. So talk to the hosting provider and decide how much you need to take in the hosting package according to your website visitors.

How to calculate hosting bandwidth

Suppose there are 5 webpages on your website, and the size of each page is 100 KB (kilobytes). If an average of 500 visitors visit 5 pages per day, then the total bandwidth required will be 250,000 KB (Kilobytes) or 244.14 MB (MB). In addition, if you are constantly updating the content on your website or the number of visitors is increasing every day, then you have to increase the bandwidth by estimating at the beginning.

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