Is our password secure...?

Is our password secure ?

We try to use strong passwords to secure e-mail services as well as various social media accounts. Security experts also recommend using a password of at least six characters to strengthen the security of the account. But is it really safe to use a six-character password? Although there are differences of opinion, a study has shown that hackers can find out the six-character password information of any user in a matter of moments if they want.

There is no way to feel safe using an eight-character password. Because hackers need less than an hour to find out your eight-character password. Hackers do not take much time to know the details of the password even if they add numbers or different symbols along with small and big letters. Although it was a surprise to hear, the cyber security organization Hive Systems has conducted a study and provided this information.


According to a study by a US company working on cyber security, the most used password in the world is 123456 in 2021, despite the growing threat of cyber attacks. This is followed by 123456789, 12345, Qwerty, 12345678, 111111, 123123, 123456789 and 1234567 respectively. Hackers need only a second to know the most commonly used password information.

The list of most hacked accounts includes various animals, including 'Love', 'Baby', 'Angel', colors of choice and oaths. For this, you should not give a password with the name of your favorite or favorite animal or object. Not only this, with the help of this password you can change your password regularly.

Hive Systems says the bigger the password, the more secure it is. However, for this, it is necessary to use small and big letters as well as multiple numbers and symbols. In addition to the use of strong passwords, two levels of security (2FA) must be introduced to secure the account. They also recommend not using the same password on multiple websites.

Source: Mail Online

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