Instagram is bringing the advantage of product tags for everyone

Instagram is bringing the advantage of product tags for everyone

Instagram has decided to introduce product tags for all users. Using this facility, the clothes or used products of the person in the picture can also be tagged. Not only photos, but also Instagram's video and storage features will have the opportunity to tag products. So far, only creators and business account users have been given this opportunity to exchange photos and videos on social media.

This feature is primarily open to all Instagram users living in the United States. This opportunity will be available in other countries soon.

To use product tags, you need to post photos or videos on Instagram as you do now. There is no need to bother for this. Tag options can be seen by placing the mouse cursor over the products. Then you have to click on the ‘Brands List’ option to select the organization of the clothing or used product of the person in the picture. Selected people can be tagged by clicking on the 'Tag People' option by entering the product name or the product made by an organization. Other Instagram users will be able to know which brand it is by simply placing the mouse cursor over the tagged products.

If someone clicks on the tagged product, the seller of that product will also know. As a result, commercial companies will use this method as a new strategy to sell products. As a result, Instagram also wants to pay commissions to people who post pictures or videos. For this, they are examining different aspects of launching affiliate program with different brand organizations.

According to Instagram, about 1.6 million people now regularly use product tags on Instagram. This number will increase many times if all the countries and facilities are introduced.

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