Files can be sent up to 2 GB on WhatsApp

Files can be sent up to 2 GB on WhatsApp

The long wait for WhatsApp users is coming to an end. In addition to exchanging messages with friends, WhatsApp will soon have the opportunity to send two gigabyte files. As a result, in addition to photos, large size videos can be sent to the instant messaging service.

Currently WhatsApp can send files up to a maximum capacity of 100 MB.

WhatsApp has already given a limited number of users living in Argentina the opportunity to test two gigabytes of files on a trial basis to test the effectiveness of this new feature. This facility will be introduced worldwide only if the test results are satisfactory. This opportunity will be available on all devices running Android and iOS operating systems. However, the WhatsApp authorities did not say when the opportunity will be launched.

WhatsApp has recently launched an opportunity to respond when exchanging messages. Using this new feature, six types of feelings can be conveyed in messages sent to friends or acquaintances.

Meter-owned WhatsApp has an end-to-end encryption feature that allows you to securely exchange information, photos and videos. And because of this the instant messaging service has become very popular all over the world.

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