With these 3 strategies, the hackers will be defeated, and Sadh's mobile phone will be protected

"With these 3 strategies, the hackers will be defeated, and Sadh's mobile phone will be protected."

Although many people nowadays use smartphones, they do not have a clear idea about the security of the phone. Hackers target the phones of such people, learn three easy ways to survive.

Smartphones are very important in today's life. It is on this smartphone that we hold all kinds of important information, which can be a disaster if left in the hands of someone else. So we remain afraid all the time. This is because the risk of hacking has increased dramatically in recent times. Many people use smartphones, but they have no idea what they need to do to keep their phones safe, and what steps to take. And, the information says that hackers are targeting the phones of people who are not fluent in technology. So today we will tell you about some of the ways that are very simple, but if you follow those ways, the security of your smartphone will be multiplied, and you can use that phone without fear. No matter how much hackers try to manipulate, there is no profit.

Software update

To protect your mobile phone from any kind of hacking or error, it is very important to keep software updated. Smartphone companies release new updates for phones from time to time. This includes security patches for the phone (security software updates) and new features. This security update or operating system update on the phone ensures that your phone is safe.

Use safe apps

There are thousands of different categories of apps available in the Play Store and App Store. You need to keep safety in mind when using these apps. Before downloading and using an app, you need to see if the app uses technology like encryption. Encryption protects the information on your phone and no one else can access your chat. So we should use apps that have encryption, they will keep the phone safe. It is better not to use any third party app.

Avoid giving access to all apps

At present almost every app collects a lot of information from your phone - from your location to your contacts. If you want to prevent your information from getting into someone else's hands, the best way is not to download such apps which wants access to your personal information. Also, delete apps from the phone that you don't use. On the one hand, these apps collect data from the phone, as well as the phone's storage space.

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