Keep Secure your mobile in 7 ways

 Secure your mobile in 7 ways

Keep Secure your mobile in 7 ways.

Those who think about the security of smartphones, which have become essential in daily life, can increase the security of the device in a few simple steps.

Verizon, the leading wireless network operator in the United States, has come up with some simple ways to keep smartphones safe. Let's find out 7 easy ways to keep your smartphone safe.


Refrain from giving out personal information

The text message may have been sent by your bank, but it may not be. If an organization or a representative asks for your personal and confidential information via email or text message, contact that organization directly to verify the authenticity. The same applies to links found in emails or texts.


Use PIN, password or pattern lock on phone

You must use PIN, password or pattern lock on your phone. This feature is also easy to turn on. In the case of Android devices, users will get the necessary instructions from 'Location and Security Settings'. IOS users will find these functions in the 'General' option of 'Settings'.


Download the app only from trusted stores

If you are looking for a new game or other working app, download it from a reliable app store like Google Play or Apple's App store. Check the app's ratings and reviews while downloading. In addition, if you read the privacy policy of the app, you will know what information the app will collect about the user.


Back up data

Data backup is useful for recovering important information on the device if the smartphone is damaged for any reason. A number of data backup services and apps already exist in the market, data backups can also be placed in different cloud services if desired.


Keep operating system and app updated

Regularly updating the operating system and the app to match the new features. Besides, the security system of the software is also strengthened with regular updates.


Log out of the website at the end of the transaction

If you have a habit of banking or shopping through smartphone, don't forget to log out from that site at the end of the transaction. Do not save usernames and passwords on websites. Do not transact using WiFi connection open to everyone.


Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections

Do not leave the device's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection on unnecessarily, it can pave the way for hackers. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection after work.

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