"How to turn on dark mode on Twitter."

"How to turn on dark mode on Twitter."

Many people use Twitter on their mobile phones after waking up. When someone wakes up in the middle of the night, they go to the site of the small blog to see the message sent by a friend. But using a mobile phone in a dark room or in a sleeping room is harmful to the eyes. To solve the problem, many people reduce the brightness of the screen of the mobile phone. This problem can be easily solved by taking advantage of the dark mode of Twitter. If the room light is low, a black screen will be automatically turned on on Twitter.

To turn on the Dark Mode feature on mobile phones, you need to log in to your Twitter account and tap the profile picture to turn on the navigation bar. Now click on the Settings and Privacy button and then click on the Accessibility, Display and Languages ​​option. Then click on the Display and Sound button, tap Dark Mode and turn on the menu option. Now turn on the dark mode and select the egg or lights out in the theme option.

Source: Mashable

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