"Instagram will show up at the end of the unwanted post."

"Instagram will show up at the end of the unwanted post."

Many people use Instagram regularly at leisure or at work. It takes a lot of time to see the posts of strangers. But many times the opposite happens. Many people get upset when they see a post that has negative or hate speech. As a result, they closed the photo and video exchange site and focused on other things. Instagram has decided to show these negative posts at the very end of the newsfeed to solve the problem.

In a blog post, Instagram said tough action was being taken against posts that incited violence, in addition to negative or hateful comments. Posts will be shown at the very bottom of the newsfeed. As a result, most users will not be able to see the posts. Due to this new decision they will be able to use Instagram more time.

Instagram will not delete negative or hateful comments at all. However, the posts or account information that users are most interested in will be shown first. Similarly, their disliked posts will be shown at the very end of Newsfeed and Stories. 

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