Only certain people will see tweets

Only certain people will see tweets

Messages exchanged on Twitter are seen by friends as well as acquaintances in the office, which often creates embarrassing situations. The microblogging site is going to introduce the opportunity to create separate groups with specific people to solve the problem. By using this facility called 'Flock', a separate group of up to 150 people can be formed. Only group members can see the tweets you send, no matter how many friends you have on Twitter. You can also comment. However, you can send tweets to everyone outside the group if you want.

Twitter has been working to launch such a facility since July last year. With the introduction of this new facility, you can easily create your own group. Twitter will show a list of friends before sending a tweet for this. The group will be created only after selecting the people in the list. You can add new friends to the group as well as delete them if you want. If someone is removed from the list, he will not receive any notification message. As a result, social relations will not be ruined. If someone adds you to their own group, the person's tweet will say, "You can see this tweet because the Twitter user has added you to their flock."
Twitter spokeswoman Tatiana Britt said there was no word on the details. However, I can say that ‘Flock’ will gain the confidence of the users. Twitter is always working to improve the way users communicate.

Note that in September last year, Twitter launched a similar 'Invite Only' feature. Twitter authorities did not say when the new feature would be launched.

Source: The Verge

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