Instagram will compete with tiktok

Instagram will compete with tiktok

TikTok has become hugely popular around the world in a short period of time due to its small video making and sharing opportunities. Similar to TickTock, users have the opportunity to create short videos on Instagram, another social media platform. But due to the short time of their videos, Instagram is slowly falling behind. To solve this problem, Instagram is planning to give users the opportunity to capture more videos.

Under the new initiative, up to 90 seconds of video can be captured on Instagram's Reals feature. Currently 15, 30 and 60 second videos can be captured on Instagram. Instagram has already started working to give the opportunity to capture videos up to 90 seconds under the Reels feature. They did not say when the facility would be available.

When Reels was launched in 2020, there was an opportunity to make a video of only 15 seconds. From last year, Instagram increased this time to 60 seconds. In the beginning, TickTock introduced the facility of capturing maximum 3 minutes of video from last year to overtake Instagram, even though it gave the opportunity to capture 1 minute of video. As a result, Instagram is slowly falling behind in the competition.

"We're not just a photo-sharing app," said Adam Moseri, Instagram's chief executive. We are working regularly to develop the video platform.

Source: Times of India

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