TV will also run through this power bank.

Many people use power bank to solve the problem of mobile phone charge. As there is an opportunity to carry it easily in the palm of the hand, the mobile phone can be easily charged with the power bank even on the way. Most of the power banks in the market have batteries with capacity of 20 to 40 thousand mAh (mAh) capacity.

The huge power bank in the picture was created by Handy Zheng, a resident of China. The power bank, made up of a 27 million mAh battery, can run electric scooters, including televisions and washing machines.

The power bank can fully charge 500 mobile phones at once, not 1 or 2. Handy Zheng claims that the 5.9 feet long and 3.9 feet wide power bank is currently the most powerful power bank in the world.

Source: SDTV

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