Freedom to write as you wish is coming on Twitter

Despite the restrictions on writing messages within 280 characters, the popularity of Twitter is increasing day by day. However, many users regretted not having the opportunity to fully express their feelings. This time you can post as many large texts as you want on Twitter. For this, Twitter is going to launch a feature called 'Twitter Article' soon.

The 'Twitter Article' feature will be seen in a separate section within the Twitter app. By clicking on it, you can post large text in size. If you want, you will also get the opportunity to submit essays on any subject. Twitter staff has already started work to launch the feature.

A Twitter spokesperson said: "We're always looking for new ways to give Twitter users the opportunity to communicate more. Detailed information in this regard will be announced soon.

Note that when Twitter was launched in 2006, there was an opportunity to exchange messages of only 140 characters. However, due to the demand for large posts from users, the number of characters later increased to 280 on Twitter. With this new feature, Twitter can lift the ban on writing messages within certain characters.

Source: NDTV

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