LinkedIn profiles can be viewed from Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams users can view LinkedIn profiles of known or unknown people during audio or video calls. For this they do not have to login to LinkedIn account. Microsoft has decided to add the information in the profiles of the users of LinkedIn to Microsoft Teams to give this new facility. LinkedIn, a popular communication medium for professionals, and Microsoft Teams, a business communication platform, are both owned and operated by Microsoft.

From next month, all users of Microsoft Teams will get this facility. As a result, when making audio or video calls with strangers or employees of the organization, various information about them can be known. This will enable better business negotiations than at present. However, not all LinkedIn user information can be known if desired. People who add a LinkedIn profile to a Microsoft Teams account will have access to information from others.

An icon of LinkedIn will be added to Microsoft Teams soon to offer this new feature. Clicking on the icon will add your LinkedIn profile information to Microsoft Teams. If you want, you will also get the opportunity to access the LinkedIn account directly from Microsoft Teams.

Note that in 2016, Microsoft bought LinkedIn. It is expected that the number of users of Microsoft Teams will increase further if the information of the social networking site created for professionals is added.

Source: Times of India

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