Adobe App at Security Risk

Adobe App at Security Risk

India's Computer Emergency Response Team has discovered a security flaw in the Adobe After Effects and Adobe Creative Cloud apps developed by Adobe Inc. in the United States. In the meantime, they have issued a high level of caution in using the apps. Users of all previous versions, including Adobe After Effects 22.11 and Adobe Creative Cloud, are at risk.

Adobe After Effects and Adobe Creative Cloud apps can be used to create graphic design, video editing, web development, photo editing as well as motion graphics and visual effects. As a result, apps are widely used around the world.

According to the Computer Emergency Response Team, the Adobe After Effects app uses the uncontrolled 'Search Path Element' to add new code to users' devices remotely to launch a cyber attack. In addition, cybercriminals can secretly create specially crafted files using the security flaws of the Adobe Creative Cloud app. When they click on the file, they launch a cyber attack from a distance.

The Computer Emergency Response Team recommends that users use the latest version of Adobe After Effects and the Adobe Creative Cloud app to get rid of cyber attacks.

Source: Times of India

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