After finishing a meeting, the microphone would still be on

After finishing a meeting, the microphone would still be on

Many people regularly use the 'Zoom' app for study or work needs. As there is an opportunity for video call with more than one person at a time, there are many important meetings besides classes in the app. However, the popular video conferencing app has been holding the words of the users without their knowledge for so long.

MacOS operating system users have been complaining since December that the Zoom microphone is still on after the meeting. In other words, even if it is out of the online meeting, the app keeps capturing the words of the users. As a result, personal or confidential information becomes open to everyone.

Zoom authorities are looking into the matter after taking into account the complaints of the users. It can be seen that the microphone is not turning off due to technical error. To solve the problem, they released version 'Zoom 5.9.3'. They also asked MacOS operating system users to download a faster version.

Matt Negal, a spokesman for Zoom, said the signal was due to a technical glitch at the end of the meeting. However, no word was recorded or any information was disseminated. This bug has been fixed in the latest update.

Source: The Verge.

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