"Snapchat will provide live location information."

"Snapchat will provide live location information."

Snapchat has launched the Live Location feature to give friends or family members the opportunity to receive location updates. By using this new facility, one or more people can be informed about their updated location. As a result, friends will find each other quickly on the campus or in a specific place. Family members will also have the opportunity to know the location of the child.

By activating the live location facility, you can continuously update your location information from 15 minutes to a maximum of 6 hours. Once the Live Location feature is turned on, users will be able to see the bitmoji (cartoon image) in the 'Live' icon of the instant messaging app. Clicking on it will give Snapchat users location updates. In the interest of security, no one other than the specified person can know the location information. Even people on Snapchat's friends list will not get this opportunity.

Since 2017, Snapchat has the opportunity to share the location information of users with friends. However, not directly, for so many days, only the opportunity to provide information about their position. By using this new opportunity, the location information can be informed directly.

Source: NDTV

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