"Tiktok video time is increasing, income will be more."

"Tiktok video time is increasing, income will be more."

Tiktok has become very popular all over the world in a short period of time due to the opportunity to create and exchange small size videos. As well as increasing user and popularity, they are increasing the time to capture videos with Palla. Last year, the video recording time was 3 minutes instead of 60 seconds, but Tiktok has taken the initiative to increase the time again.

After the 3 minute video became very popular, Tiktok started working to make the video recording time 5 minutes from August last year. But before the feature was unveiled, Tiktok authorities took the initiative to increase the video recording time to a maximum of 10 minutes. In the meantime, the effectiveness of the feature is being tested on a small number of users.

Tiktok currently has hundreds of millions of users worldwide. Many have become stars by posting small-sized funny videos on this Chinese video exchange network. So why is Tiktok launching a large video facility? This initiative is to make more income from advertising. Because, if the size of the video is bigger, more ads can be shown. This will not only increase the profit of the tick, but also increase the income of the video makers.

Instagram offers users the opportunity to create short videos in the same way as TickTock. But due to the short time of the videos, the social media is slowly falling behind. To solve this problem, they plan to introduce 90 seconds of video for users. Larger videos will help TickTock to compete with other video platforms, including Instagram.

Source: Wired

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