"Websites built on WordPress at security risk."

"Websites built on WordPress at security risk."

Millions of WordPress websites around the world are at risk due to plugin errors. The error of this plugin called 'UpdraftPlus' can be used to collect all the information of other websites with any WordPress account. As a result, there is a risk of security of the website as well as the possibility of smuggling information to the users.

Mars Montpas, a researcher at Jetpack Security, was the first to identify the flaws in the UpdraftPlus' plugin. Upon learning of the issue, a new updated version of the plugin was released. According to the manufacturer, the plugin has been used on more than 3 million websites worldwide. In the last few days, they have sent messages to the authorities about 1.7 million websites to use the updated version of the plugin.

The ‘UpdraftPlus’ plugin is primarily used to store website information. And so many people use the plugin to easily create a website with WordPress. But due to security flaws, the plugin came with the opportunity to store the information of other people instead of the creator of the website.

Source: Engadget

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