The iPhone 14 Pro may have A16 chips

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are the only models where Apple A16 chips can be used. That's what Apple Analyst Cuo has to say about Ninety-FiveMac.

In a tweet, he said that the A15 chip may be used in Apple 14 and 14 Max, which has already been used in iPhone 13.

Kuyo also said that the iPhone 14 model will use 6 GB of RAM. The two highest models will have LPDDRS memory as memory. The comparatively affordable version will have the LPDDR4X memory of the iPhone 13.

According to Verge, Kuyo further predicts that the display of iPhone 14 Max will be 6.7 inches. If his idea is correct, this is the first time the iPhone will use its Pro model display in affordable models. He also predicted that the new iPhone would be flawless and that Face ID hardware would be hidden under the screen. However, Apple has not officially commented on the iPhone 14. However, it is expected that, as always, the iPhone event will be held this autumn.

Analysts are of the opinion that all the models including the base model of the iPhone 15 series which will be launched next year will come with a pill-shaped hole + punch-hole. Also, the punch-holes and peel holes in the iPhone 15 series will be smaller. Significantly, one of the two holes in the iPhone 14 Pro and the upcoming iPhone 15 series models will have a Face ID for integration, and the top must be for the front camera.

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