Driving license isn't needed to be carried, new feature of Apple

Driving license isn't needed to be carried, new feature of Apple

No need to carry a driving license or identity card with you. From the airport to any end, just show them from the wallet.

According to Apple, Arizona is the first U.S. state where residents can store their Driver's License or State ID in Apple's Wallet app. According to the company, after adding these to the wallet, it will be easily saved there. As a result, you will no longer need to carry a driving license or identity card. From the International Airport to any end, just show them from the wallet.

Jennifer Bailey, Apple's vice president, said of the app, "Arizona residents will no longer have a problem, because it allows them to show their driving licenses and identity cards wherever they want. They do not need to carry them with them and take them somewhere else." No matter where you go, you just have to show the driver's license and identity card in the wallet. We're trying to get it in more states. We're aiming to get it all over America. " The technology will be rolled out soon in Colorado, Hawaii, Mississippi, and Ohio.

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How to add identity card to wallet?
There are several simple ways to add a driver's license and identity card to your wallet.
Click on the '+' (Plus) sign at the very top of the iPhone wallet screen. Then click on the driver's license or state identity card you want to upload. Then keep clicking on whatever instructions appear in the screen. Then the verification work will start. The person uploading the identity card will ask you to take a selfie to verify that it is his. If you do it there, you will get a selfie. Then you have to scan and upload the front and back of the driving license and identity card. This way it will be saved in the wallet.

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Once the ID or license is saved in the wallet, users can display it at any checkpoint. Then it will not be necessary to carry it separately. Just show it there. However, in that case the phone will not need to be given to the person in charge of security. The whole thing will be through digital media. Wherever you take your phone to the sensor, it will scan your identity card and driving license. A photo of the user will also be taken along with it for verification.

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Apple first unveiled plans to support driver's licenses and IDs in Apple Wallet at its developer conference last year. But in an update published on the iOS 15 website in November, Apple announced that the feature would be launched in early 2022. And just like that, this time it was announced on behalf of the company. But now only Arizona residents will get this service. However, it has been reported that it will be available in other states soon.

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