Apple is working on new camera technology

Apple is working on new camera technology

The California-based technology giant has applied for a new patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the camera technology. Patented Apple is the first to find a patent application for this technology. Using it will allow users to increase the zoom capability of their device.

The application has been named Zoom Lens and Imaging Apparatus. This technology will use multiple lenses, through which different distances can be zoomed.

The technology being tested will control the zoom activity of the iPhone's camera and protect the company from the problem of declining image resolution. In new camera technology, two removable lenses are located within the same optical axis. As a result, users will get a more enhanced zooming experience. Most smartphones currently on the market use fixed lenses and software-centric digital zoom, which also reduces image resolution. The camera technology mentioned in Apple's patent application is not entirely new. Similar technology has been used in periscope cameras. Many manufacturers around the world have used this technology in the advanced lens system of telephoto cameras in their smartphones.

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