Facebook closed the account for not keeping the request

Facebook closed the account for not keeping the request

Facebook has asked users to launch the 'Facebook Protect' feature by March 17 to increase the security of accounts that are at risk of cyber attacks. For this, at the beginning of March, they also sent e-mail messages and links to a certain number of users. But many did not pay attention to the request of Facebook. Some even thought the message was spam. And so, after receiving the e-mail, Facebook closed the accounts that did not activate the 'Facebook Protect' feature on March 18.

Facebook is running a security program called 'Facebook Protect' to strengthen the security of the accounts of human rights activists, government officials, journalists and other professionals and popular people in different countries of the world who are at risk of being attacked by cyber criminals. In the meantime, about 1.5 million accounts in different countries have this security facility. They sent new e-mails to keep more accounts safe.

Professionals using accounts that have or may have been the target of a cyber attack have been asked to launch the 'Facebook Protect' feature. To clarify the matter, the e-mail message clearly stated, "Facebook Protect requires better security for your account." But because of sending messages from security@facebookmail.com instead of Facebook.com, many people did not take it seriously.

A message sent from Facebook can be seen even if you can't access the closed account. In addition to stating the reason for the closure of the account, the message has also been highlighted in the message. However, many have complained that the account is not going to be activated following the procedure shown in the message. No one has complained about the closure of the account even though they have not received the e-mail from Facebook. However, Facebook has not officially commented on these issues.

Source: The Verge

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