Zuckerberg warned not to take screenshots on Messenger

Zuckerberg warned not to take screenshots on Messenger

Many people secretly take screenshots while exchanging messages with friends or acquaintances on Facebook Messenger. After publishing the information, they put others in danger. This time Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive of Meter, the parent company of Messenger, has opened his mouth about this. He warned everyone not to take screenshots of Messenger chat. As soon as you take a screenshot, Facebook will inform the Messenger user on the other end about your activity.

In a February 4 message, Mark Zuckerberg said that with the introduction of the encryption feature in the updated version of Messenger, the person on the other side would be notified as soon as anyone took a screenshot of their chat. GIFs, stickers and feedback will be available on Messenger's encryption messages as well as alerts.

Zuckerberg issued the warning at a time when Meta has announced a number of new features, including encryption in Messenger. Users will be able to use these new features to exchange messages securely as well as delete them automatically after a certain period of time.

Initially, people living in the United States are getting the opportunity to use the new features of Messenger. If all goes well, this opportunity will be available in different countries of Europe in a few weeks.

Source: USA Today

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