The answer comes in an instant, how does 'all knower' Google work?

At present, many people rely on Google for any job. Whether it's an answer to an unknown question or an answer to an unfamiliar place, Google will provide the answer in no time. But how can Google answer any question so quickly? What is the method behind this? There is no need to search anywhere to answer this question. All the questions will be answered easily through this report.

Although everyone has different questions about this, the answer is unknown. In this report you will find out how Google answers any question in a matter of moments.

The first thing you need to know is that Google has no answers. There are answers to any of your questions on various sites. When searching for answers, Google brings up multiple websites that contain answers to specific questions.
How does Google find the answer to a question on a site? Here is the mystery. Google's fast engineers have created specific algorithms with the help of AI. Through which the whole process is completed. Google presents the answer to any question to the user in a few moments through a total of three methods. Those three methods are- Crawling, Indexing and Serving Result.

Crawling - You may have heard of crawling. But the fact about this is unknown. Suppose you are searching for a topic. To do that search the word and the sentences you typed, Google searches them on websites. And also brings related websites infront.

Indexing) - This is the second method. If you search for a particular word,there may not be a correct answer for that. For this, meaningful sentences need to be given to search engines. Google understands that meaning and only shows the related website in the search results. In addition, Google looks at a few more things through indexing. For example,which website had the meaningful answer for the topic that is searched for,the content of which website is the best and correct,which websites does'nt have any copyright,etc.

Serving Result- This is the third and final method. Websites that appear after crawling and index matching are shown in the results.

However, Google's algorithm changes regularly. As a result, the method of finding search results also changes regularly. And Google's AI is constantly being upgraded. As a result, search results can be seen by using different methods.

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