"Google Drive will warn you before opening insecure files."

"Google Drive will warn you before opening insecure files."

For personal or office work, we always download and use various files from Google Drive online. At this time, even if there is a virus or harmful link in the files sent by others, it cannot be identified. Troubleshooting Google Drive will show a yellow warning before opening a suspicious file. Google's online file storage and exchange service has taken this initiative to prevent the virus from spreading to users' devices.

Note that cyber criminals send various files containing virus or malware in the name of known person or organization. As soon as the files are opened, they demand money from the computer or smartphone as well as the control of the online files of the users. Only with the money demanded can you get rid of this problem. Currently, such cyber attacks have increased a lot. With this in mind, Google will alert users when opening suspicious files in Google Drive.

At its Cloud Next conference in October last year, Google announced plans to launch the facility. The feature is already open to certain users. All users will get this opportunity in the next two weeks.

For so long, Google has been warning users of its online word processor service, Google Docs, to open suspicious files.

Source: Android Police

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