Updated Chrome browser also has security bugs

Updated Chrome browser also has security bugs

At the beginning of the new year, Google got into a lot of trouble with the Chrome browser. Earlier this month, Google unveiled Chrome (98.0.4758.80 / 81/82) version of the browser to fix the security vulnerabilities of the browser which is at the top in terms of number of users. At the time, Google said, there were 27 security vulnerabilities in the older version, eight of which could have been exploited by cybercriminals to the detriment of users. Many people will be at risk of security if they do not use the latest version of Chrome browser.

Zero Day security flaws are software vulnerabilities that hackers can easily use to launch cyber attacks on any device. Google has unveiled a new version of Chrome 98 (98.0.4758.102) to fix this problem. The company has asked users of Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems to use the new version to stay safe.

Different countries of the world including Bangladesh are already getting the opportunity to use this version. If it does not update automatically, you need to update the browser by clicking on the three dot menus on the right side of the Chrome browser.

Source: Times of India

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