One mouse, keyboard will run on computers, laptops and iPads

One mouse, keyboard will run on computers, laptops and iPads

Apple's computer-laptops and iPad tablets use different operating systems. Computer-laptop works on Mac operating system. IPod OS is required to use the iPad. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. However, they got into a lot of trouble because they did not get a chance to work together. This time Apple has taken the initiative to introduce the facility of 'Universal Control' or 'Universal Control' to eliminate this problem of Apple lovers.

This new feature can be used to control Mac computers, laptops and iPad tablets using the same keyboard and mouse. Different information can be exchanged if desired. No wires will be needed to connect the two devices. Two devices can be controlled using their own Apple ID. In the meantime, Apple has experimentally launched this feature in MacOS Monterey 12.3 and iPad AS 15.4 versions.

Apple is going to bring new benefits for Mac computer and iPad tablet as well as iPhone. In the meantime, a feature called 'Face ID' has been introduced in the trial version of iOS 15.4. Using the facility, the lock of the iPhone can be opened only after the face mask. There will also be opportunities to use several new types of emoji.

Source: Ninety-FiveMac

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