"Report your problem directly to WhatsApp."

"Report your problem directly to WhatsApp."

The popular online messaging app WhatsApp has been working for several days on a special feature called in-app. It is known that with the help of this feature, users will be able to know their problems directly to WhatsApp through chat. WhatsApp was seen testing this feature once again by March 2021. But later it was removed. WhatsApp is bringing back that feature again. This means that once again WhatsApp is going to bring this in-app support for its users.

This feature is currently being tested. And that's why iOS and Android beta testers have already seen this feature. A report to this effect was also published. To use this feature, WhatsApp users need to navigate to the Settings menu. The three dots on the right side of the interface need to be tapped. After that, by tapping on the Help option, WhatsApp users will have to click on the Contact Us option. After that a new chat window will open and users will be able to chat with WhatsApp.

According to WhatsApp, some features need to be collected from the device for this feature to work. Diagnostic information includes phone models and user settings. All this information will help the user to solve any problem quickly. If users do not want to share that information with WhatsApp, they can opt-out. Diagnostic information may include your network connection details, WhatsApp version number, and device model number.

It was also revealed earlier this year, about another feature of WhatsApp. Until now, if a private person sent a message or received a message from a group on WhatsApp, only the name of that group or specific person could be seen in the notification. From now on, profile pictures of that group or specific person can also be seen on WhatsApp. WhatsApp users will see it in the in-app notification. Not only that, late last year it was seen that this popular app is working with animated heart emoji. That animated heart emoji also has multiple color options. This feature is slowly rolling out to the world's most popular instant messaging app for users.

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