You have to watch TikTok video with money

TikTok is now very popular among young people because of its small size and easy access to video. Many have become stars by making funny videos for the video exchange network. Millions of people follow them regularly as they have the opportunity to watch the videos for free. If you want to watch the videos made by these popular producers, you have to count the money. Twitter authorities have also taken the initiative to give video makers the opportunity to earn more money.

Video makers will be able to collect money directly from followers by using this facility called 'Paid Subscriptions'. In the meantime, several video makers have had the opportunity to use the facility experimentally. Later other video makers will also get this opportunity.

TikTok users will have problems even if the video makers benefit. Without spending money, they will not be able to watch new videos from their favorite video makers. TikTok won't even suggest watching videos on their cell phones.

Twitter authorities declined to say how the feature would work. They didn't even say how much it would cost or how much to pay to follow the video makers of choice.

The idea is that if you have a large number of followers, you can only use this feature to raise money. As a result, videos of ordinary video makers can be viewed for free as they are now.


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