Repeatedly hung up Android phone 7 medicine

Repeatedly hung up Android phone 7 medicine

There are now around two and a half billion Android phones in the world.  One of the most common problems that is often heard of these phones of innumerable models made by hundreds of manufacturers is the phone hanging or not responding to the phone.  The site Tech Commando, a consultancy on various technology products, tells you what solutions you can use to this problem.


Update, update, update!

To avoid problems with Android phones, the first thing you need to do is install the latest version of the Android operating system.  As a result of installing this update, you will continue to receive various security updates as you get new features.  Google claims that with each update, their operating system becomes more integrated.  As a result, it is possible to avoid various security vulnerabilities.

The added benefit of being up-to-date is that your phone hangs regularly or the problem of not responding to any application for any reason will be reduced.

To update your Android operating system, you can update the Android operating system by going tup-to-date

→ Advanced→ Security Update option.


Phone storage

Your operating system is up-to-date, but if your phone crashes or hangs again and again, the second step is to check if the phone has the space it needs.  When the phone's storage is more than 90 percent full, various problems can occur, and this can cause the phone to hang.

To fix this you can delete unnecessary files and applications from your phone.  To increase the storage space of the phone, you can click on the Settings → Storage option.

Here you can see what kind of content is taking up space on your phone.  You can delete the applications that you do not need from here.  In addition to this, you can decide how much you need to reduce the number of pictures, videos, audios and downloaded files from here.


Unused app

In the third stage, you can close all the apps that you are not using, but are running on your phone.  This work is routinely done by many conscious people.


Extra battery case

Many people may not think about this at first.  We do not often add extra batteries to the phone to keep it charged for long periods of time.  These batteries and battery connections can often cause problems with the phone's operating system.  So if the phone hangs frequently, remove the extra battery.


  1. Auto restart

Many times the phone's auto restart option saves you from some of the common hassles.  If this option is turned on, if the problem is solved by restarting the phone, then the phone will do it itself.

To turn on the auto restart option of the phone, go to the device option from the settings and from there keep the auto restart option on.


 06.Defamatory app

Many non-standard applications can also cause your phone to hang.  Google always claims that applications downloaded from the Play Store are secure.  Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.  It is often wise to turn on the phone in safe mode to check if an app is having trouble with your phone.

If you want to turn on the phone in safe mode, first you have to shut down the phone completely.  Then you can go to safe mode by pressing and holding a special button while turning on the phone.  In the case of Samsung phones, if you press the volume down key, the manufacturer's logo will appear in Safe Mode when it appears on the screen.  This button may be different for different phones.

If you do not see any problems like hanging or crashing again after turning on the phone in safe mode, you can assume that you are having this problem due to a special app.


  1. Factory reset

The last resort is to move the phone to factory settings.  If this is not the case then maybe your phone can be moved to factory settings as a last resort.  As a result, all the features of your phone, all the applications may be lost, but this will allow you to set up your phone anew, just like a brand new phone.

To perform a factory reset, you must first go to Settings.  From there, click on the Factory Data Reset option and follow the instructions.

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