Samsung in praise of the Oppo smartphone

Samsung in praise of the Oppo smartphone

Oppo, the nearest competitor in the foldable smartphone segment, has received rave reviews from Samsung!

Yeah, recently, Twitter users have witnessed an incident where the Oppo Find N Foldable smartphone, which was unveiled a few days ago, was heard praising from Samsung Mobile US account.

Although it was initially thought to be a mistake,
But samsung Mobile US did not delete the comment from their official Twitter account before writing this report. And with this, there has been a lot of excitement among the social media users.

In fact, a video tweet by Ryan Fenwick, who is involved in global communications at Oppo and OnePlus, has sparked controversy. Ryan posted that tweet to London,based Nothing Technology Ltd. In response to a tweet from the company's founder Carl Payer.

Notably, Ryan's video tweet appeared on the Oppo Find n Device, centering on the fact that not all Android phones on the market at the moment are homogeneous or monotonous. Interestingly, just below his video tweet, there was an outburst from the Samsung Mobile US account about the Oppo Foldable device, the reason for which is not yet clear.

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